Carlieuklima Radiant Heating Systems


EUTERM is a radiant heating system that consists of heating panels that emit heat using hot water, superheated water, or steam. The EUTERM system is versatile and can be powered by any energy source.

The main advantage of EUTERM’s ceiling radiant panels is their ability to provide uniform heating to rooms without creating air or dust movement, which helps optimise energy consumption and reduce operating costs. These radiant panels are particularly suitable for rooms at high risk of fire.

EUTERM is a natural heating system because the heat transfer from the fluid to the emitting plates, and subsequently to the room, occurs in accordance with the fundamental physical laws governing heat transfer (conduction, convection, and radiation). This process does not require any special mechanical or electrical components


Possibility to cool the room during summer months


Clean and healthy rooms without movement of air and dust


Suitable for any type of room, even where there is substantial risk of fire


Thanks to the use of high-quality raw materials, the products are virtually maintenance-free


Long life of panels, as they are made of steel and kiln-painted with thermosetting epoxy powders


Reductions in energy consumption and relative operating costs


Comfortable temperatures without excessive thermal gradient. No heating equipment located on the floor and on the walls


Absolutely no noise generated by the system

Technical Specifications

Length: 2000-6000 mm

Width: 300-1200 mm

Number of Tubes: 2-12

Tubes Diameter: 22.0 mm

Thermal output with Δt 40 °C: 115-456 W/m
Thermal output with Δt 60 °C: 185 – 738 W/m
Thermal output with Δt 80 °C: 261 – 1038 W/m