District Heating Solutions


Greentherm can offer a complete district heating control system for your project. Our customised Heat Interface Units (HIU), with integrated heat metering, insulated piping and network infrastructure components provide a reliable and proven end to end solution.

How does it work?

A central boiler house generates heat, which is then distributed through a network of pipes to each home or apartment in the building. Every home or apartment is equipped with its own HIU. The HIU converts the heat from the network into heating and hot water for the individual unit.

RBM Hiper HIU – Advanced Standard HIU

  • Removable Heat Exchanger Plates
    • Allows for system upgrades without replacing the entire unit.
    • Enables easy maintenance.
  • Legionella Prevention Function:
    • Eliminates the risk of legionella contamination.

Advantages for Designers, Developers, and Architects

  • No Requirement for gas supply
  • No need to evacuate exhaust combustion
  • No Storage cylinder needed
  • Meets low emission and efficiency targets

Advantages for Landlords

  • Reduce Service and Maintenace costs
  • Metered energy usage for fairer tenant billing
  • Practical for combining with lower-cost renewable technologies
  • No flues to maintain for health and safety compliance

Advantages for Installer

  • Easy installation with only a programmable room thermostat required
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Minimal Installation requirement for pipe work
  • Simple Maintenance with Easy Access to all Components

Advantages for Tenants

  • Shared maintenance costs
  • Efficiently controlled heating and hot water supply
  • Accurate billing based on actual consumption
  • Increased awareness of energy consumption promotes energy saving

Small Custom HIU Units

Small Heat Interface Units (HIU) are typically installed in apartment complexes, student accommodation and individual dwellings served by district heating networks ,eliminating the need for each dwelling being serviced by its own self-contained heat source. Each HIU generates instant heat and hot water in each dwelling with energy fed by the primary district heating network.

Greentherm HIU units are custom manufactured products, built according to the specific needs of each customer’s project. Units have the following features available:

  • All pipework is constructed from stainless steel ensuring a robust and durable unit during installation and lifetime operation.
  • High-speed electronic stepper valve ensuring responsive and accurate hot water temperature.
  • Pipe connections can be manufactured from above and below.
  • Stay warm function.
  • Direct and indirect models available in custom outputs.
  • Flushing bypass.
  • Insulated pipework and heat exchangers or insulated cover options.
  • Heat meters can be factory fitted reducing onsite work and potential onsite quality issues.
  • Other features can be integrated on request.