We built our house in 2014/15. Our primary aim from the onset was to have a highly energy efficient house. I researched the area of heating thoroughly. I looked at multiple options from solar, oil etc. and many different companies. I decided to have a consultation with Enda in GreenTherm regarding my options. Enda was great at pointing you in the right direction and talking to you in terms you understand. He outlined the good aspects and bad aspects of each of the aforementioned systems. After meeting with Enda I decided on GreenTherm as I felt assured that we would have experts supplying, installing and provisioning our heating & air ventilation system.

Enda recommended a Hitachi Air to Water Heat Pump to heat our house (underfloor up & downstairs) and to provide us with hot water. We also got a Mitsubishi Lossnay heat recovery ventilation unit, as the house was to be airtight.

As a result, we have a system that provides us with heating & hot water all year round at a very reasonable cost. I would definitely recommend talking to Enda and GreenTherm regarding this system. You will not be disappointed!

Eóin Geary