Flooré Low-Build Underfloor Heating System

Introducing the Flooré Low-Build Underfloor Heating System, one of the thinnest and lightest options on the market. It offers exceptional performance with a standard thickness range of 13 to 50 mm. Developed as a patented Swedish product at the prestigious KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Flooré’s innovative design utilises thin panels covered with aluminum foil for quick and efficient heat emission. Experience enhanced comfort and energy efficiency with Flooré’s cutting-edge approach.

Versatile Application

Flooré can be installed on floors, walls, and ceilings, providing flexible heating options for different areas of your space.

Flexible and Affordable

Flooré connects to any heat source for cost-effective comfort

Rapid Thermal Response

Flooré panels distribute heat rapidly, saving energy and ensuring a cosy environment

Easy Installation

Install under any flooring and preserve existing floors

Slim Design

Minumum thickness of 13mm and Maximum of 50mm

Certified Performance

DIN certified for optimal performance with parquet flooring

Tile Adhesive Compatiblility

Tested with a variety of adhesives for seamless tile bonding. Choose the best adhesive for a flawless finish

High Quality

EU-manufactured Class 1 pipework for reliable performance

Superior Performance

Outperforms loose underfloor heating plates, which typically only offer 70-80% heat distribution.

  • Material: Patented aluminium-coated EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)
  • Panel Dimension: 1175 x 768 mm
  • Packaging: Delivered folded in half, available in packages of 5 or 10 pieces
  • Additional Grooves: 25 and 50 mm panels have diagonal return grooves for enhanced functionality
  • Efficient Heat Distribution: Aluminium-coated panels ensure nearly 100% heat distribution across the room’s surface