Lapesa Buffer Tanks

Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Buffer Tanks

Manufactured in Spain since 1964 with a focus on quality, durability, and technical expertise. These buffer tanks feature an advanced design with an extra thick mould-injected rigid PU thermal insulation, effectively minimising heat loss. With our integrated thermal stratification system, you can seamlessly incorporate up to three distinct energy sources simultaneously.

Additionally, the buffer tanks are equipped with a convenient side-threaded connection, allowing for the optional installation of an electric heating element. Experience unmatched performance and versatility with Lapesa’s state-of-the-art buffer tanks.

  • Available in vertical and horizontal install
  • Multifunctional: allows different temperature water to be used directly for direct purposes
  • Total Capacity from 30L to 5000L
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 110C
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 6 bar
  • Optional: A kit of external padded PVC lining can be supplied
  • Proprietary welding process reduces the risk of cracking around fittings and seams
  • Highly recommended for domestic and commercial use
  • Designed for easy transportation from factory to the site