Discover the benefits of district heating, a centralised heating system that provides efficient and reliable heat to your buildings. By connecting to a district heating network, you can enjoy reduced energy costs, improved energy efficiency, and hassle-free heating. With a diverse range of energy sources, including renewables, district heating offers sustainable and environmentally friendly heating solutions, ensuring your buildings are comfortable and eco-conscious.

Why District Heating?

District heating works by using a centralised heating system that supplies heat to multiple buildings through a network of underground pipes. A central plant generates the heat, which is then distributed to individual buildings, providing efficient and reliable heating. This approach eliminates the need for individual heating systems in each building, leading to energy savings and reduced environmental impact. With its scalability, diverse energy sources, and improved energy efficiency, district heating offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for heating needs in communities.


Greentherm offers Heat Interface Units (HIU) units that are custom manufactured products, built according to the specific needs of each customer’s project. HIU are typically installed in apartment complexes, student accommodation and individual dwellings served by district heating networks ,eliminating the need for each dwelling being serviced by its own self-contained heat source.

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