At Greentherm, we provide comprehensive renewable energy solutions tailored specifically for older buildings undergoing redesign or reconstruction into homes. Our aim is to help building owners achieve energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability in their projects.

Below you will find our offerings as well as previous projects that we have completed.

Heat Pumps

Harness the incredible potential of geothermal energy with our advanced heat pump solutions. We offer a diverse range of pumps specially designed for building conservation projects. Our systems prioritise efficiency and ensure optimal heating and cooling performance, revolutionising the way geothermal energy is utilised. By tapping into the Earth’s natural heat, our innovative heat pumps provide sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Experience the efficiency and power of geothermal energy with our cutting-edge heat pump solutions.

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Valves, Magnetic Filters & Dirt Separators

Our range of high-quality valves, magnetic filters, and dirt separators are designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your heating system. These components effectively remove impurities, ensuring optimal operation and minimising maintenance requirements

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Learn More about our Magnetic Filters & Dirt Separators Here

Steel Radiators

Experience superior warmth and efficiency with our durable steel radiators. Designed for building conservation projects, these radiators combine classic aesthetics with modern energy-saving technology, providing an ideal heating solution for your renovated home.

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Create a healthy indoor environment with our ventilation solutions. Our systems ensure optimal airflow and fresh air exchange, promoting better indoor air quality and reducing energy consumption.

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Underfloor Heating

Experience Ultimate comfort and energy efficiency with our underfloor heating systems. Ideal for building conservation projects, these systems provide even heat distribution, eliminate the need for radiators, and enhance the aesthetic of your living spaces.

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Domestic Hot Water Tanks and Buffer Tanks

Ensure a constant supply of hot water while optimising energy usage with our domestic hot water tanks and buffer tanks. These systems effectively store and distribute hot water, catering to the specific needs of your building and maximising energy efficiency.

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Case Studies:

Discover our successful case studies, showcasing our previous accomplishments in building conservation projects. These real-life examples demonstrate our expertise in delivering sustainable, efficient, and comfortable solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each building.


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