Grundfos Pumps

Scala 2 – Booster Pump

Grundfos SCALA2 is a fully integrated, self-priming, compact waterworks for pressure boosting in domestic applications. SCALA2 incorporates integrated speed control enabling the keeping of the perfect pressure at the taps, meaning that the pump performance will increase with increasing demand.

UPS2 – Circulator Pump

UPS2 is a high-efficiency circulator pump with a permanent-magnet motor that is ideal for heating systems and air conditioning. They are great for tight installations and are energy efficient.

Magna3 – Circulator Pump

The Grundfos MAGNA3 is a circulator pump with permanent magnet motor that will fit both heating, cooling and domestic hot water circulation applications perfectly, making it the obvious choice for almost any building project – old or new. This pump has a very low maintenance and is extremely low Life Cycle Cost.

MQ – Pressure Boosting

The MQ is a complete, all-in-one unit, incorporating pump, motor, diaphragm tank, pressure and flow sensor, controller and non-return valve. The controller ensures that the pump starts automatically when water is consumed and stops automatically when the consumption ceases. In addition, the controller protects the pump in case of faults.

SB – Submersible Pump

Grundfos SB 3-35 M is a submersible pump designed for the pumping of clean water for domestic and rainwater applications. It is silent when submerged and therefore a noiseless alternative to surface-mounted pumps. The pump is built from high quality composite and stainless steel materials that are resistant to corrosion.

Hydro Multi-E 2 CME3-05

This booster set is designed for the transfer and pressure boosting of clean water in waterworks, blocks of flats, hotels, industry, hospitals, schools, etc. It consists of 2 to 3 CME pumps coupled in parallel and mounted on a common base frame provided with all the necessary fittings.

CMBE3-30 Booster Set

This is a compact booster system for domestic water supply, with an integrated speed controller, which enables the system to keep constant pressure in the pipes. They come with a pressure sensor that monitors changes in the water consumption.

Twin Pump TPED 100-90

This twin-head pump is designed with two parallel powerheads. It is suitable for applications requiring pressure control. Application in heating, air-conditioning, industry, pressure boosting and drinking water distribution.