DEOS Building Automation

DEOS AG are a German manufacturer of BMS controllers established approximately 50 years ago. All hardware and software is developed and produced at their headquarters in Rhein providing an end-to-end hardware and software solution from a single partner. Greentherm are a certified system partner with complete solution M&E knowledge. DEOS focus on production of open protocol hardware allowing for greater integration, flexibility and future proofing of end user investment. Rapid hardware field replacement ensures maximised system uptime and reduced maintenance costs. Standard application code blocks are an integral part of the development software ensuring proven logic, ensuring reliable solution development for your project.

DEOS systems are available in different options, such as modular and scalable systems with M-Bus and Can-Bus connections. Systems can be monitored and managed online for customer’s best control and efficiency. Custom solutions are also provided by greentherm to match the needs of any situation our customer could find them in.

I/O Modules

A total of 16 different versions of the OPEN IO modules are available. Available in analogue or digital module. DEOS IO modules are connected to the OPEN EMS controller via the CAN-bus (Controller Area Network) – the most widely used bus system for networking control units. This bus system can accommodate up to 99 DEOS IO modules per line, ensuring high flexibility for future expansion. The bus speed depends on the distance of the IO modules to the controller and is up to 1 Mbit/s depending on the bus quality. For several years now, we have successfully been using the CAN-bus, which offers high speeds and great deal of safety.