Heat Interface Units

Greentherm can offer a complete district heating control system for your project. Our customised Heat Interface Units (HIU), with integrated heat metering, insulated piping and network infrastructure components provide a reliable and proven end to end solution.

Greentherm HIU units are custom manufactured products, built according to the specific needs of each customer’s project. Units have the following features available:

  • All pipework is constructed from stainless steel ensuring a robust and durable unit during installation and lifetime operation.
  • High-speed electronic stepper valve ensuring responsive and accurate hot water temperature.
  • Pipe connections can be manufactured from above and below.
  • Stay warm function.
  • Direct and indirect models available in custom outputs.
  • Flushing bypass.
  • Insulated pipework and heat exchangers or insulated cover options.
  • Heat meters can be factory fitted reducing onsite work and potential onsite quality issues.
  • Other features can be integrated on request.