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At Greentherm, we understand the unique energy demands and sustainability goals of the healthcare sector. We are dedicated to providing innovative renewable energy solutions tailored specifically to the needs to healthcare facilities. Our comprehensive range of products is designed to optimise energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance the overall comfort and well-being of healthcare environments

Service Offerings

Underfloor Heating

We specialise in distributing high-performance underfloor heating systems that deliver consistent warmth across healthcare facilities. Our underfloor heating solutions provide efficient and even distribution, creating a comfortable environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

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Steel Radiators

Our selection of steel radiators combines durability and efficiency, making them an excellent choice for healthcare installations. These radiators offer rapid heat-up times and exceptional output, ensuring reliable warmth throughout the facility.

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Heat Pumps

Greentherm offers a wide range of heat pumps, including bout air source and ground source options. Our heat pumps provide efficient heating and cooling solutions for healthcare facilities, enabling substantial energy savings while maintaining optimal comfort levels.

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Domestic Hot Water & Buffer Tanks

We understand the importance of reliable hot water supply in healthcare settings. Our DHW and buffer tanks are designed to store and distribute hot water efficiently, ensuring a uninterrupted supply for various applications within healthcare facilities.

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Valves, Magnetic Filters & Dirt Separators

To enhance efficiency and longevity of your heating systems, we provide a range of valves, magnetic filters, and dirt separators. These components help to remove impurities, maintain water quality, and protect the system from potential damage, ensuring optimal performance.

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Swep Brand Plate Heat Exchangers

Greentherm also supplies plate heat exchangers, renowned for their efficiency and compact design. These heat exchangers optimise heat transfer in heating and cooling systems, contributing to improved energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

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At Greentherm, we understand the vital importance of ventilation in the healthcare sector. Our range of specialised products, including Vent-Axia MVHR and Mitsubishi MVHR systems, are designed to provide efficient and sustainable ventilation solutions. Effective ventilation is crucial in healthcare facilities to maintain indoor air quality, control infections, eliminate odors and chemical, mage moisture and humidity, and enhance patient comfort and recovery. Our Vent-Axia MVHR system offer high efficiency and silent operation, while Mitsubishi MVHR systems are known for their energy efficiency, smart controls, and customisable configurations. By incorporating our ventilation solutions, healthcare installers can ensure a healthier and safer environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

Why Choose Greentherm for your Healthcare Facility?

Sustainable Energy Solutions

We recognise the importance of environmentally friendly energy solutions in the healthcare sector. Our renewable energy technologies help you reduce your carbon footprint while meeting your energy requirements. By integrating our products into you facility, you can contribute to a greener future and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Cost Savings

Energy costs can be a significant expense for healthcare facilities. Our solutions are designed to maximise energy efficiency, helping you save on operational expenses in the long run. By optmising heating, ventilation, and control systems, we can help you achieve substantial cost savings without compromising on the comfort and safety of your patients and staff.

Reliable and Efficient Heating

Proper temperature control is crucial in healthcare settings. Our heating systems, including heat pumps, radiators, and underfloor heating, are designed to deliver consistent warmth while minimising energy consumption. With our reliable and efficient solutions, you can ensure a comfortable environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Clean and healthy indoor air is essential in health and wellness facilities. Our ventilation systems incorporate advanced air filtration technologies, promoting optimal air quality and reducing the risk of airborne contaminants. We sthe well-being of patients and staff by creating a healthier environment that supports faster recovery and enhances productivity.

MVHR extracts stale air and supplies clean filtered air that is warmed using the recovered heat from the extracted air. In return this helps reduce the risk of virus transmission and reduces the risk of a variety of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, like asthma and stroke.

Intelligent Controls and Valves

Our intelligent control systems and valves allow for precise and automated management of energy usage. By utilising these technologies, haelthcare facilitiexs can optimise energy distribution, reduce wastage, and ensure optimal performance of their renewable energy systems.

Compliance and Regulations

The healthcare sector is subject to various regulations and standards. Our solutions are designed to comply with industry regulations, ensuring that your facility operates in accordance with environmental and safety guidelines. With Greentherm, you can have peace of mind knowing that your renewable energy systems meet the necessary compliance standards.

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