As a leisure installer, you play a vital role in creating comfortable and efficient environments for various leisure facilities. At Greentherm, we understand the unique requirements of this sector and offer a range of cutting-edge solutions to meet your needs. Our comprehensive service offerings and top-quality products ensure that you can deliver exceptional results to your clients.

Advantages for Leisure Installers

Energy Efficiency

By implementing Greentherm’s advanced heating solutions, you can help leisure facilities significantly reduce their energy consumption, leading to cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint.

Comprehensive Offerings:

Greentherm offers a wide range of products and services that cover all the necessary components for your leisure installations. This convenience saves you time and effort by providing a one-stop solution for your building’s needs.

Reliable Performance

Our products are engineered for durability, efficiency, and reliable operation, giving optimal performance in leisure environments.

Enhanced Comfort

With our range of heating and ventilation solutions, you can create a comfortable space for visitors, athletes, and staff in leisure facilities, maintaining the perfect temperature throughout the year.

Service Offerings

Heating Solutions

Our advanced heat pump systems are at the forefront of energy-efficient heating technology. With their ability to extract heat from the environment and transfer it indoors, heat pumps offer a highly efficient alternative to traditional heating methods. Our heat pump solutions are tailored to the specific needs of leisure facilities, providing reliable heating performance while minimising energy consumption and operating costs.

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Valves, Magnetic Filters & Dirt Separators

We offer a wide range to optimise the performance and efficiency of heating systems in leisure facilities. These components help optimise the performance and efficiency of heating systems by preventing debris and dirt from circulating and causing damage. By incorporating our valves and filtration solutions, you can enhance the reliability and longevity of heating installations in leisure environments.

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Steel Radiators

Our range of steel radiators combines elegant design with exceptional heat output. These radiators are not only functional but also serve as stylish additions to leisure facilties. Designed for maximum heat distribution and energy efficiency, our steel radiators deliver warmth to spaces of any size. With various sizes, styles, and finished availafble, you can choose the perfect radiator to complement the interior aesthetics of the leisure facility.

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Domestic Hot Water and Buffer Tanks

Reliable hot water supply is essential in leisure facilities. At Greentherm, we offer a wide selection of DHW systems and buffer tanks to meet the demand for hot water while optimising the performance of heating systems. Our tanks are designed to store and distribute hot water effectively, ensuring a steady and reliable supply for showers, pools, spas, and other amenities within leisure facilities.

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Eurotubi Precision Welded Steel Tubes

Eurotubi is a renowned Italian-based company that specialises in manufacturing premium-grade steel tubes and pressfitting systems. Their pressfitting system offers easy and quick installation, while their precision welded steel tubes are known for exceptional quality and performance. With a commitment to excellence and reliability, Eurotubi provides leisure installers with high-quality materials and advanced technology for reliable and efficient installations.

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Heat Meters

Efficient energy management is essential in leisure facilities to monitor and optimise energy consumption. Our heat meters accurately measure and monitore the energy used in heating and hot water systems. By having precise data on energy consumption, leisure facilities can implement strategies to reduce energy waste, track performance, and allocate costs. Our heat meters provide accurate and reliable measurements, empowering facility managers to make informed decisions regarding energy usage.

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Ventilation Systems

Maintaining excellent indoor air quality is crucial in leisure environment where many people may gather. Our ventilation systems are designed to provide fresh and clean air while efficiently controlling humidity levels. By implementing our ventilation solutions, you can create a comfortable and healthy atmosphere, ensuring the well-being of visitors and staff in leisure facilties. Our systems are customisable and can be tailored to the specific needs and size of each space.

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Case Studies

Discover the successful project we have accomplished in the leisure sector. Our case studies highlight how we have implemented renewable energy solutions, showcasing the positive impact of energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.


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