Underfloor Heating

Greentherm is a prominent provider and installer of personalised and customised underfloor heating systems in Ireland. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-quality products that adhere to the high standards, guranteeing exceptional responsiveness and control, even in fluctuating weather conditions.

To maintain a competitive price point without compromising on quality, Greentherm directly sources and imports materials from reputable European manufacturers. We have established partnerships with two key suppliers: RBM, an Italian manufacturer renowed for their conventional screeded and acoustic systems, and Floore, a Swedish manufacturer specializing in low build EPS panel solutions for joisted floor build-ups. Both suppliers offer versatile solutions suitable for various residential and commercial applications

What is underfloor heating?

In general, an underfloor heating system serves as a replacement for traditional radiators within a room.

The system consists of a loop of pipe filled with water, which is laid on top of a layer of thermal insulation. It is then covered with a liquid screed layer. Within the room, a thermostat automatically regulated the flow of hot water through the underfloor loop using an electrically-controlled valve. Each room within a home can have its own thermostat and underfloor heating loop, enabling independent control for each area.

These individual setups form the heating “zones.” Each zone is connected to a main manifold, which houses the system control center. The manifold receives the heating water and is equipped with a series of automatic valves. The hot water is supplied to the manifold from the heating source installed in the house, which can be a simple boiler or a heat pump with a buffer store.

When the floor surface becomes warmer than the air temperature in the room, it begins to radiate heat. A specialized lightweight floor screed heats up quickly, allowing for better control and a faster responce from the system, also ensuring even heating

The radiant energy from the floor is either absorved by the room’s surfaces and objects, or is reflected. As these other surfaces absorb energy, they warm up and act as secondary emitters. Over time, you are surrounded by gently radiating surfaces, heating the room.

As heat tends to rise, there is very little difference in air temperature within the room. Any radiant energy that strikes the windows tends to be reflected back into the room. Very little is absorbed by the glass and conducted outside. This leads to a very comfortable, even temperature throughout the room, controlled directly by a wall mounted thermostat.

It’s that simple

Why underfloor?

Comfortable: Underfloor heating provides distributed radiant heat ensuring controllable heat, everywhere at the right temperature.

Energy Efficient: Underfloor heating systems can operate at much lower temperatures than conventional radiators, requiring less heat input to achieve these temperatures, making them much more efficient than radiator-based heating systems. Less heat, means less fuel, means less money spent.

Flexible: Compatible with any source of heat, from a conventional gas boiler, to heat pumps, to solar thermal or solid fuel/biomass, or any combination of the above. A dedicated thermal store allows these systems to be combined together for the most efficient mix of fuels.

Intelligent: Individual networked thermostats ensure easy, efficient control of your system, with setting tailored to match the changing daily dynamics of your home or offices. Rooms that are unoccupied during the day or night do not have to be heated.

Controlled: Each thermostat is located in the room it controls. This ensures that each room is heated only as much as it required to reach its desired temperature. The control system pulls it up to temperature, rather than an uncontrolled push.

Space Saving: No wall-space need be given over bulky radiators, allowing for clean, clear walls to be fitted out or decorated as you please.

Peace of Mind is Priceless

Your underfloor heating system will be a part of your building for decades to come, adapting to changes in your lifestyle as they happen. We at Greentherm have a pool of hard won experience in underfloor heating installation. We have learned the inner workings and the proper techniques to construct a system that will endure year after year.


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