RBM Valves

RBM designs and manufactures innovative plumbing and heating components and systems, characterised by efficacy and efficiency, oriented towards energy saving, easy to install and simple to use, without ever sacrificing quality. Founded in 1953, RBM has become a leading company in the plumbing and heating industry, operating worldwide. The company develops all of its products at each stage, with the aim of providing the best quality level on the market. RBM’s experience has grown by keeping pace with a world undergoing constant changes, believing in and promoting the design and production of systems and components with the highest technological content.

Hydrothermal Distribution

Boiler Room Distribution:

High-performance valves and components for precise fluid control, optimising boiler efficiency and ensuring safety.

Zone Valves:

Efficient and reliable fluid flow control for different zones in buildings or HVAC systems.

Utility Systems:

Industry-standard systems for quality and performance in utility operations, including modules, satellites, and metering.

Radiator and Fan Coil Distribution:

Industry-standard products for heating and cooling applications, such as manifolds, accessories, and plastic housing boxes.

DHW Distribution:

Reliable hot water distribution in residential, commercial, and industrial settings through industry-standard manifolds and mixers.

Pressure Reduction:

Diaphragm and piston pressure reducing valves for plumbing, heating, and sanitary systems.

Control and Safety Components:

Pressure relief valves, bypass valves, and filling units for reliable performance and enhanced safety.

Ball Valves, Check Valves, and Shut-off Valves:

Reliable fluid control, backflow prevention, and secure shut-off operations.


Reliable and leak-free connections between pipes, valves, and components.

Water and Gas Distribution:

Valves, fittings, and components tailored for efficient water and gas distribution networks.

Energy Efficiency

H20 Lab – Water Treatment

Address water treatment needs in laboratory settings, ensuring purity, quality, and safety for various applications through physical, magnetic, and chemical treatment methods, contributing to reliable and precise results in laboratory analysis and experimentation.

Valves for Radiator and Terminal Control

Achieve precise control over hot water or steam flow to radiators and terminal units with RBM’s variety of valves, designed specifically for heating systems, offering reliability and compatibility, including options like valves with thermostatic control, PICV valves with thermostatic control, thermostatic controls, manual valves, and lock shield regulating valves.

Hydraulic Balancing

Achieve efficient and optimal flow distribution in hydraulic systems with RBM’s solutions, including balancing lockshield valves, flow-rate measuring stud pipe, flow control valves, PICV independent pressure adjustment valves, and DPCV differential pressure control valves, helping maintain system performance, prevent uneven flow distribution, and optimise energy efficiency.

Radiant Climate Control Systems

RBM offers complete radiant climate control systems, both with radiant wall panels and radiant underfloor panels. The radiant underfloor system was the forerunner of other forms of radiant climate control, such as wall and ceiling. This includes Manifolds, Mixing and Distribution units, Hausing boxes, Insulating panels, Dry insulating panel, Pipes, Accessories for radiant systems, Temperature control, and Air treatment.

Series 3202.B Modular Brass Manifold Kit

With a 37mm centre-to-centre distance, each kit includes a multi-way manifold unit with flow meters and lockshield, another unit with valves and a thermostatic option, a pair of steel brackets for mounting, two 0÷80 °C thermometers, a 1″ air/water automatic discharge terminal unit, and a manual 1″ air/water discharge terminal unit/ With a masx operating pressure of 10 bar, this kit ffers a convenient and reliable solution.