Intelligent Positive Input Ventilation (PIV): Ventilairsec offers arange of Intelligent PIV ventilation units. Designed and manufactured in France and in business for 35 years they hold numerous product patents. Incoming air is filter and can be preheated to different levels electrically or hydraulically on ducted units. Intelligent control allows regulation of internal building humidity and also night time free cooling to help reduce the internal building temperature.

The addition of a ‘Hydro’ Module allows the connection of water based heating and cooling sources to provide active heating and cooling


URBAN Prestige:

  • Max flow rate: 201m3/h
  • Compact design
  • Available in four different colours
  • Max heating capacity: 1100w (option)
  • Max output: 24W
  • 10 different speed settings
  • Energy rating: B


  • Max flow rate: 350 m3/h
  • Reduced vibrations and noise levels
  • Large filter: increased life cycle and reduced motor consumption
  • Max ventilated surface area: 400m2
  • Max heating capacity: 1800W (option)
  • Max output: 169W
  • Energy rating: B


  • Max flow rate: 218m3/h
  • Available in two different ranges: Prestige or Cave
  • Compact housing: Max heating capacity 1080W (Prestige)
  • Max output: 60W
  • Up to 10 different speed settings (Prestige)
  • Energy rating: C