EPH Thermostats

EPH Controls specialised in innovative heating and energy control systems with over 40 years of trusted experience. Their product range includes programmable thermostats, wireless controls, time switches, motorised valves, and wiring centers, seamlessly integrating with various heating systems for optimised comfort and energy efficiency.

With a focus on cost-effective solutions, EPH Controls’ products efficiently regulate temperature settings. Whether it is central heating or underfloor heating, customers can rely on EPH Controls for top-quality heating control solutions. With a strong reputation for reliability and innovation, EPH controls has been a trusted partner and industry leader.

Programmable Cylinder Thermostat

Versatile device that is perfect for managing a single heating zone, offering OpenTherm, Optimum Start, TPI, and On/Off control modes. It is also Boiler Plus Compliant, ensuring energy efficiency and optimal comfort. With its easy programming and advanced features, you can effortlessly customise your heating schedule for a cosy and eco-friendly home.

  • Sensor Type: NTC10K
  • Temp Range 6…90˚C
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Adjustable Switching Differential: 0…1.0˚C

2 Zone Combi Zoning Control Pack

Efficient and customisable heating control for building with two separate zones. It includes a control panel, thermostats, and motorised valves. The control panel allows independent temperature control in each zone, while the valves regulate the flow of heat.

Includes 1 no.2 zone programmer, 2 no. 2 port motorised valve, 2 no room thermostats & a wiring centre.

Pipe / Cylinder Thermostat

Efficiently control hot water cylinders or central heating pumps with this thermostat. It was designed for precise temperature regulation and is available in standard and tamper proof versions. Experience adjustable settings, accurate sensing, and reliable on/off control. Easy installation and user-friendly operation.

  • Sensor Type: Gas Filled
  • Temp Range: 0 – 90˚C
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Switching Differential: ±5˚C

Immersion Thermostat

Control your heater with the Immersion Thermostat. Designed for immersion heating systems, this thermostat ensures precise temperature regulation. Choose between standard and tamperproof versions. Benefit from adjustable settings, reliable on/off control, user-friendly operation, and easy installation.

  • Sensor Type: Gas Filled
  • Temp Range: 0…90˚C
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Switching Differential: ±5˚C

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