Heatmiser Controls

Heatmiser is a leading company specialising in innovative heating control solutions. They offer a wide range of advanced heat controllers designed to enhance comfort and energy efficiency. With precise control over heating systems, their intuitive interfaces and smart features make temperature management effortless.

What sets Heatmiser apart is their commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainability. Their controllers are equipped with energy-saving features and seamless integration with home automation systems, providing convenient control through mobile apps or voice commands. By optimising energy usage and reducing carbon footprint, Heatmiser empowers users to prioritise both comfort and environmental responsibility.

NeoStat Thermostat

The neoStat, a slim and stylish thermostat that adds elegance to any room. It comes with illuminated touch keys and is available in Glacier White, Sapphire Black, and Platinum Silver. The neoStat is just a little bigger than a standard light switch, so you’ll notice its functionality rather than its placement.

Control your neoStat Smart Thermostats from anywhere using the plug and play neoHub. It offers options for 12V or 230V connection, as well as wireless control.

Enjoy precise temperature control for each zone with the neoStat. It allows you to program four time slots every 24 hours and offers flexibility with a choice between 5/2 day or 7-day function control.

Heatmiser Wiring Centre

This Device facilitates the communication between the heating system and the thermostats, designed to simplify the wiring process. Using the wiring centres in your application means that the actuator, boiler, and pump connections are wired from a single point.


The neoHub Gen 2 is a central communication device that connects the neoStat and neoAir room thermostats, as well as the smart plug “neoPlug.” It allows you to control your multi-zone heating, hot water, and appliances from anywhere.

With support for HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa, the neoHub Gen 2 brings smart compatibility to the Neo system.

Setting up the neoHub Gen 2 is easy: simply connect it to your home router using an Ethernet cable. It’s a plug-and-play device that seamlessly pairs with neoStat, neoAir, and neoPlug. You can pair up to 32 Neo devices, giving you convenient in-home and remote access to control your heating, hot water, and appliances.

To ensure you always have the latest software enhancements, the neoHub Gen 2 automatically downloads and installs updates, keeping your system up to date at all times. Enjoy the benefits of a connected home with the neoHub Gen 2.