Mistubishi Lossnay

Designed to supply fresh air into any commercial building whilst simultaneously extracting stale air, the Lossnay units also recover valuable heat energy for maximum efficiency.

The technology behind the energy efficiency of Lossnay lies in the construction of the core which enables the exchange of both latent heat (humidity/moisture) and sensible heat (temperature) to maintain a comfortable internal environment for minimal energy consumption.

Lossnay range can be flipped upside down to allow greater flexibility when designing duct runs. The enthalpy heat exchanger does not require a condensate drain or tray, because the moisture passes through the heat exchanger alongside the heat energy

Key Features:

  • Clean, fresh air
  • Improved air quality and comfort
  • Increased climate contro
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Energy-efficient heat recovery
  • Significantly reduced power consumption and SEP’s
  • Can be used in conjunction with Mr. Slim and City Multi for highly efficient and effective operation.
  • Spigot position change available on LGH 25 – 100 RVX-E models – Intake and Air Exhaust side only (not on room side)

Specifications range for (LGH-15RVX-E to LGH-200RVX-E)

Running Current (A): .1-4.88

Input Powe (W): 7-850

Airflow (m^3/h): 38-2,000

Specific Fan Power (W/(L/s)): .7-1.53

External Static Pressure (Pa): 6-150

Sound Pressure Level (dBA): 17-40

Temp Exchange Efficancy (%): 80-89.5

Weight (kg): 20-110

Dimensions (WxDxH): 780x610x289-1144x1231x808

Duct Size (mm): 100-250