Lapesa Stainless Steel Single Coil Cylinder 300L


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300L Stainless Steel Single Coil Cylinder

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Tank for domestic hot water (DHW) STORAGE-PRODUCTION.
For vertical installation on floor. Manufactured in STAINLESS STEEL AISI 316, chemically pickled and passivated, with mould-
injected rigid PU thermal insulation and external PVC lining with zip closure. Tank includes an internal COIL made of stainless
steel AISI 316 for thermal exchange.
Equipped with side opening for inspection / cleaning tasks, or to install a backup electric heating element (optional).
Includes sensor pocket on upper connections plate and thermometer on top cover

DHW Cylinder
Total Capacity: 300 Litres
316L stainless steel tank
316L stainless steel coil

Additional information

Weight 68.5000 kg
Dimensions 62.0000 × 62.0000 × 169.0000 cm

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