Rytons Passive Wallvent. LOOKRYT AIRCORE – White


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Rytons Passive Wallvent. LOOKRYT AIRCORE – White

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As stated in Part F 2009 of the building regulations a habitable room must have a background ventilator with equivalent area of 5000mm sq, this increases by 40% in the case of a house with a airtightness value lower than 5 m3 (h/m2), bringing the requirement for a habitable room to 7000mm sq for reasonably airtight homes.

With some of the products on the market it can be difficult to meet this with a single vent, however with Rytons Controllable LookRyt® AirCore® 7300mm squared equivalent area can be achieved with one 125mm diameter wall vent. ALL THE RYTONS PRODUCT ARE SUBJECT TO CUSTOM CHARGES (IMPORTED FROM UK).

  • Retro-fitted core ventilator with an external cowl for background room ventilation.
  • 7,300mm² (73cm²) equivalent area.
  • External cowl protects against excessive weather conditions.
  • Unique draught reducing internal panel disperses air evenly into the room for improved comfort.
  • An easy push/pull or tilt action on the inside panel, allows ventilation to be controlled as required.
  • Paint or wallpaper the internal panel to match room décor for a discreet appearance.
  • Interlocking components aid correct positioning, alignment, and easy installation.
  • Cowl and external grille U.V. protected.
  • Screws provided to secure the internal panel.
  • Tested to BS EN 13141-1:2004 and independently verified by the BRE.


Technical Data Sheet.

Installation Details.




  • Cowl: 217mm L x 210mm H x 93mm D.
  • External Grille: 166mm L x 160mm H.
  • Tube: 127mm (5″) Dia. x 358mm L.
  • Inside Panel: 172mm L x 172mm H



Do I need an extension piece? The extension piece is an extra fitting that easily attaches to the wall vent. It is only required if the depth of the wall exceeds 350mm.

Are the wall vents only available in white? No, both the external grille & cowl come with a choice of colours such as, Terracotta, Buff/Sand & White.

Can you open the vent to an Intermediate Position? No, the vent can be only be placed in two positions, Open or Closed.

Can I collect? No, collection is not available.

Can I buy individual parts/components? No, the products are sold all-inclusive so individual components can’t be sold separately.

Do you provide installation? No, we do not provide installation for ventilation products.

Can it be mounted on a ceiling? No, this product was manufactured specifically for through wall ventilation and should not be installed through a ceiling.

How to install? The installation sheet can be found beneath the product description. The installation process is quick and easy to follow, with illustrations provided to avoid confusion.

Is it suitable for stoves? No, this product should not be installed near a stove as it does not comply with the relevant building regulations for stove ventilation.

Is there a 4 inch available? No. With respect to the relevant building regulations, the minimum allowable duct diameter for this type of ventilation product is 5 inch (125mm).

Can extension pieces be trimmed to length? Yes, however, extension pieces are only required if the wall the vent passes through measures more than 350mm in thickness.

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