Sitec Domus System

Sitec Domus systems specialize in manufacturing a comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions designed to facilitate communication on district heating M-bus networks. Their offerings include data concentrators, network amplifiers, room thermostats, humidity sensors, and M-bus relays.

Data concentrators serve as central hubs, gathering and consolidating data from various devices within the network, while network amplifiers ensure robust signal strength and extended coverage. Sitec’s room thermostats provide precise control over heating and cooling systems, optimizing comfort and energy efficiency. Additionally, their humidity sensors enable accurate monitoring of moisture levels, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. M-bus relays further enhance the functionality and flexibility of the system. With Sitec Domus systems, users can expect reliable and efficient communication within their district heating M-bus networks.

Remote Reading M-Bus Master for M-Bus Meters

The M-Bus network concentrator is specifically designed to collect data from up to 60 connected meters and transmit to the user via e-mail. The device utilises an embedded GSM/GPRS modem to establish an internet connection for data transmission. Alternatively, local readings can be obtained by using separate reader software. The device offers the flexibility of remote configuration through SMS or local configuration using the reader software.

Amplifier for M-Bus Networks

The M-BUs network amplifier serves the purpose of amplyfying the M-Bus signal in scenarios where the number of devices to be connected exceeds the capacity of the concentrator. The amplifiers are offered in two options: 120 and 250 devices, allowing for the support of up to 500 slave M-Bus devices when added to the network.

M-Bus Slave with Relay Output and Digital Input

This device by Sitec offers convenient functionality. It features a relay output and a single digital input. The relay output is designed for controlling other devices, such as the heat demand 2 port valve, allowing for easy on/off switching. Additionally, the digital input can be utilised to monitor the state of a device or indicate an alarm through a connected contact

Pulse Counter for Counting Applications (4-inputs)

The pulse counter is specifically designed for counting applications and consumption measurement, featuring an M-Bus interface. It supports the management of four separate pulse inputs and operates based on the EN1434-3 Protocol (M-BUS) at a transmission rate of 2400 bit/s. The device offers full configurability through the bus, allowing for easy customisation using a suitable configuration program.


The Chronothermostat is designed to be connected to the heat meter, providing you with real-time consumption data. These thermostats offer weekly programmability, allowing for daily readings and presenting monthly historical consumption data in various graphical formats. This enables you to optimise your own energy consumption effectively.

Additionally, the Chronothermostat can be integrated with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, enabling you to conveniently read and adjust settings using a smartphone. It is available in a range of colors, providing options to suit your preferences.