Semi-rigid Ducting

Radial Semi-Rigid Ducting

Radial semi-rigid ducting offers numerous benefits for air-distribution equipment and ventilation systems. This article highlights the key features of this innovative ducting system, emphasising its efficiency, hygienic protection, and time-saving installation.

Efficiency and Performance:

A radial semi-rigid ducting system consists of crushproof, semi-flexible smoothbore pipes that guarantee zero air loss. This design ensures optimal airflow, resulting in quieter and more efficient ventilation compared to other types of ducting systems. By minimising air leakage, the system enhances overall performance and helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Hygienic Protection:

The inner walls of the ducts are treated with a protective antibacterial and anti-fungal coating. This coating ensures hygienic protection against bacteria and mold growth, promoting a healthy living or working environment. With the added assurance of cleanliness, the radial semi-rigid ducting system becomes an excellent choice for spaces that prioritise hygiene and air quality.

Time-Saving Installation:

In addition to its performance advantages, semi-rigid ducting also offers significant time-saving benefits during installation. It reduces installation time by an impressive 70% without compromising the required installation standards. This efficiency is particularly valuable for construction projects with tight deadlines or when time-sensitive installations are necessary.

Features and Benefits

  • Speed and simplicity of installation
  • Adaptability to the type of installation
  • Anti-static, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Easy modification of pipe length
  • Easy to clean
  • Low-pressure losses in the pipeline
  • Eliminates cross-talk between rooms
  • Uniform air distribution
  • Low acquisition costs compared to other types