Do Solar Panels Work in Ireland?

Short answer: Yes. Solar Panels work in Ireland.

It’s that simple. There’s no catch. From April to September, Ireland receives more than enough sunshine to enable a well-designed and well-sized solar thermal system to meet your domestic hot water needs. It might not seem like it when you look out the window, but the statistics bear it out. Ireland receives between 910 and 1100 kWh of energy per meter squared, per annum from the sun, with the majority of this falling during the summer months.

What can Solar Panels really achieve in Ireland?

A well designed Solar thermal system can supply up to 60% of your annual domestic hot water needs. This energy replaces either your boiler, or an electric immersion heater. Over the winter months, Solar Panels give a lower output – but are still capable of providing some pre-heating to your hot water. The effect in winter then is similar to boiling a half-boiled kettle.

Can I heat my home with Solar Panels?

The energy output from your solar panels is at its lowest, when demand from your heating system is at its highest. For normal houses, it’s a challenge. It’s not impossible, but it may be impractical.  For passive houses, or houses that are highly airtight or insulated, it may be doable. What we can do is highly dependent on the home design and is something that needs to be discussed with us in detail.  We will advise you on what’s possible with your home and what the costs will be.

What about Stagnation?

Stagnation is a problem for Solar Panels in Ireland. Greentherm however, offer Viridian Clearline Drainback Solar Panels.  Drainback Solar systems eliminate the potential for stagnation damage by leaving the panels dry when the circulating pump is not operating. For conventional pressurised systems, a dedicated heat-dump radiator controlled by a motorised valve can be fitted.

Do I need to replace my existing hot water cylinder?

It’s up to yourself. If your cylinder already includes a solar coil as standard then it can be connected straight up. Furthermore, if your cylinder is still reasonably new and fully insulated, but doesn’t have a solar coil – or if you would simply prefer to do without the hassle of dismantling the hot-press, draining a cylinder, then refitting, we do have another option. The Viridian Pod offers an alternative that allows you to retain your existing hot water cylinder and hot-press, while still achieving an acceptable system performance. However, if your cylinder is of an older, uninsulated type, then it may be better to replace it with a 316L Stainless Cylinder which will be more efficient.

I have a heat pump/Biomass Boiler/Stove/Gas Boiler, can I install Solar.

Of course! The exact method we use however will depend on your exact system and setup. Our expertise will ensure that your Solar Panels complement the existing energy sources in your home, allowing them all to work at their best potential and efficiency to achieve the best out of your energy sources.

Why Should I go with Greentherm?

First and foremost, we at Greentherm are an Engineering company. This means that – while our competitors will sell you a one-size-fits-none product – Greentherm offer genuine solutions. We work to understand the needs and expectations of our customers, then build an integrated solution for them that meets their expectations and budget. It means we can back all our work with hard figures and show our customers how we arrived at those figures.

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