SWEP Heat Exchangers

SWEP is an international corporation specialising in optimising energy, material, and space in heating and cooling systems. With a rich history rooted in entrepreneurial spirit, we challenge efficiency and strive to make a difference. These innovative brazed plate heat exchangers offer unparalleled performance, giving our customers a competitive edge while contributing to a sustainable future.

What is it?

A brazed plate heat exchanger is a compact device that transfers heat between two fluids, such as hot and cold water, without mixing them. It is commonly used in applications like heating and cooling systems, air conditioning, refrigeration, and residential heating. It offers benefits such as space efficiency, energy savings, reliability, and low maintenance, making it an ideal choice for customers seeking efficient heat transfer solutions.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Heat Transfer

Corrugated plate construction increases surface area and improves heat transfer

Strong and Reliable Connections

Vacuum-brazed joints ensure strong and dependable connections

Efficient Fluid Separation

Two separate channels prevent mixing of hot and cold fluids

Scalable Capacity

Easily expandable capacity to meet increasing demand

Compact Design

Space-saving compared to alternative heat exchanger technologies

High Heat Transfer

Efficient heat transfer due to turbulent flow and absence of gaskets

Reliable Performance

No risk of gasket leaks, ensuring reliable performance

Minimal Maintenance

Low maintenance requirements and operational downtime

Cost-Effective Solution

Long-term energy savings make it a cost-effective solutions

Self-Cleaning Properties

Self-cleaning properties due to highly turbulent flows

Customisable Options

Plate design, materials, and connections can be customised

Versatile Applications

Suitable for heating, cooling, refrigeration, and more.


Explore the different applications where our heating and cooling solutions can enhance system efficiency and lifecycle, contributing to a sustainable future:.

Heat Recovery

Smartly recover heat in the form of vapor, hot water, or hot air, creating more from less

Data Center Cooling

Achieve low power usage effectiveness and high-density cooling for energy-efficient data centers

District Energy

Cut installation and maintenance costs while increasing efficiency in district heating and cooling systems

Energy Systems and Solutions

Prefabricated energy transfer stations tailored to the specific needs of your premises

Air Conditioning

Sustainable solutions for higher energy efficiency and improved comfort in the face of climate change


Highly efficient and compact heat exchanger solutions for improved performance and lower life-cycle costs

Energy Industry

Vital heat transfer solutions for the energy industry, from fuel production to electricity generation

Process and Production

Robust, compact, and reliable solutions for industrial process and production applications

Temperature Control

Idea for precise temperature control applications with minimal maintenance requirements

Residential Heating

Ideal solutions for heat pumps, boilers, and heating tap water and swimming pools in residential settings