Too Much Hot Air

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

This is mold.

Nothing exemplifies the significance of proper ventilation more vividly that the accompanying photograph. The image captures a bedroom devoid of any natural airflow. What exacerbates the situation is its unfortunate proximity to an inadequately ventilated bathroom, frequently used for showers, resulting in the accumulation of moisture-laden air.

During the night, when the accumulated moisture encounters the cold surface of the window, it transforms into water droplets, seeping into the adjacent plaster. Compounding the issue, the window faces south and absorbs warmth during the day, subsequently heating the moisture trapped within the plaster. These conditions provide an ideal breeding ground for rapid mold proliferation. Resulting in the occupant of this room regularly suffering from persistent coughs and head colds.

According to the homeowners, all attempts to eradicate the mold have proved fruitless. Extensive cleansing with bleach and the application of fungicidal paint have failed to eradicate the growth. The plaster has already deteriorated in certain areas, causing damage to the window’s weather seals in the process. This unmistakably indicates that the mold has deeply infiltrated the plaster itself. Rectifying the situation would necessitate a complete removal and replacement of the plaster, a time-consuming and costly process.

However, even this measure would solely address the symptoms rather than the root cause of the issue.

Keep Mold From Taking Your Home

By prioritising adequate ventilation, not only will you enhance your personal comfort, but you will also significantly reduce the risk of mold growth within your living space. Greentherm’s Heat Recovery Ventilation systems offer an ideal solution. It effectively extracts humid air from your bathroom, utility room, and kitchen, expelling it into the open atmosphere while simultaneously introducing fresh, clean air into the occupied areas of your home, ensuring an optimal living environment.

Designed with efficiency in mind, Greentherm Ventilation systems harness the residual heat present in stagnant air, utilising it to preheat the incoming fresh air. This innovative approach prevents the loss of valuable warmth from inside your home while ensuring a continuous supply of clean air. Furthermore, unpleasant odors and unwanted smells are swiftly removes, carried away alongside the stale air.

Greentherm’s Heat Recovery Ventilation system is an active and reliable solution ensuring optimal ventilation rates regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. A single electronically controlled, virtually silent fan unit efficiently handles both extraction and ventilation tasks, effectively safeguarding the air quality within your home. With Greentherm, you can enjoy a constant supply of fresh, clean air, free from the threat of mold growth.

Part F of the Building Regulations

It is mandatory to incorporate some form of active heat recovery ventilation in new constructions. These recent revisions prioritise achieving the necessary performance standards while ensuring adequate ventilation levels. While passive systems can potentially meet compliance requirements, they often present challenges and their performance can vary depending on weather conditions.

At Greentherm, we specialise in the latest building regulations and possess extensive expertise in this field. We are well-equipeped to guide you through the installation process for your new-build home, ensuring both compliance with the regulations and the provision of a comfortable and reliable ventilation system that will serve your well for years to come.

For any technical inquiries or consultations regarding Heat Recovery Ventilation, please feel free to contact us. We are here to assists you!