Wamak Waste Heat Recovery Heat Pump

How do Heat Recovery Heat Pumps work

For Wamak’s case thermal energy from various industrial or ancillary processes is used as a primary source. Usually in the temperature range between 20° and 50°C. Depending on the quality and chemical composition of the process medium, the heat is extracted either directly in the heat pump or via a pre-wired heat exchanger with intermediate circuit. The heat pump then raises this temperature with high efficiency to a usable temperature for heating or hot water.

Wamak offers three versions of their heat recovery heat pump system: a hybrid vision, modular vision, and a stand-alone version. All versions operate with a high-efficiency heat pump that consists of multiple modules, each containing a separate refrigerant circuit. These circuits are equipped with a pair of quiet Scroll compressors and robust stainless steel plate heat exchangers.

The applications of these heat pump systems are diverse, ranging from heating, cooling, and domestic hot water heating in office or multi-functional buildings to demanding industrial applications. The system allows for cascading applications by combining the most suitable performance and application variants of heat pump modules, enabling customisation based on specific requirements.

Each module is refrigeration, hydraulically, and electrically isolated with its own separate controller. The modules are interconnected in a cascaded manner, where each controller can serve as the cascade master, seamlessly taking over the function.

TWW WHR HeavyDuty Module

(Single Module of WHR Heat Pumps TWW WHR HD)

Hybrid Source Industrial Heat Pumps

TWW WHR HeavyDuty


TWW WHR HeavyDuty

  • Heating capacity [ kW ]: 121.4-303.6
  • Rated nominal heating capacity P rated [ kW ]: 121.4-303.6
  • Energy class: A+++
  • SCOP: 5.99-3.65
  • Seasonal energy efficiency η [ % ]: 239.4-145.9
  • Max Flow Temp: 85 C
  • Min Flow Temp: 45 C
  • Minimal source temperature: -10 C
  • Maximal source temperature: 50 C
  • Voltage: 3~ 400/50

Hybrid Source Industrial Heat Pumps

  • Heating capacity [ kW ]: 
  • Rated nominal heating capacity P rated [ kW ]: 
  • Energy class: 
  • SCOP: 
  • Seasonal energy efficiency η [ % ]: 
  • Max Flow Temp:  C
  • Min Flow Temp:  C
  • Minimal source temperature:  C
  • Maximal source temperature:  C
  • Voltage: 3~ 400/50