House building is a tough time during the decision and building phase. For our heating system we assumed it would be the conventional oil system, however we looked at alternatives and was very impressed with what Greentherm and especially Enda Ruxton presented to us.

We were by no means experts in this area and both of us are working so for us it was important to have :

  • trust in the people we were dealing with
  • trust in the product
  • trust that the price matched what we were getting
  • to have a warm house in an efficient manner

The system was very well explained and the work was carried out in a manner that you felt they were helping you with the build and not just suiting themselves. The work was carried out in a very professional manner.

We now have a warm house and are very happy with the running cost of the system, the system needs no daily setting which is great.

Enda and his team are very approachable and give a full follow up service for any queries, deals with you in a friendly manner and is very knowledgeable in this field. We would have no hesitation in recommending Greentherm.